Windows 10 remains vulnerable to EternalBlue

Windows 10

Security provider ESET recently detailed the latest reports on Windows attacks. Researcher Ondrej Kubovič published a study on the exploitation of EternalBlue and its effects after one year. Simply put, the feat became more popular even than during the WannaCry outbreak. There is a worrying increase in the number of exploit-based attacks. ” And as ESET’s telemetry data shows, its popularity has been increasing in recent months, and a recent spike even surpassed the biggest peaks of 2017, ” explains the researcher. EternalBlue exploit is stronger than ever – The vulnerability was stolen from the NSA by the group of hackers called Shadow Brokers in April 2916 and benefits from a vulnerability found in the Windows Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. Microsoft implemented the patches even before the vulnerability was made public.

Unfortunately, attackers are still searching for targets, and according to the ESET researcher, cybercriminals are scanning the Internet for exposed SMB ports, and are trying to compromise hosts with an exploit that allows them to send payloads on the target machine. One possible explanation for the latest spike is Satan’s rescue campaign seen around those dates, but it could also be connected to other malicious activities. The feat has also been identified as one of the propagation mechanisms for malicious cryptographers. Most recently, it was deployed to distribute Satan’s rescue campaign, described just days after ESET telemetry detected the EternalBlue spike in mid-April 2018. In case you want to be safe while browsing the Internet, you will need a complete tool to protect your network. < Install Cyberghost VPN now and make sure. Protects your PC from attacks while browsing, masks your IP address and blocks all unwanted access.

Windows 10

Microsoft has already made security fixes available

Patches to correct this vulnerability are now available, and this means that attackers can only hack systems that do not have them installed. They were released by Microsoft in March 2017, and updated computers should already be protected. Furthermore, ESET notes that » the infiltration method used by EternalBlue is not successful on ESET protected devices. One of the multiple layers of protection – ESET’s Network Attack Protection module – blocks this threat at the entry point. ” The increasing number of attacks suggests that there are still many systems that do not have the patches installed, which raises a lot of concern.

Windows 10 source code could cause serious harm to its users

Last week was a nightmare for top executives at the world’s largest software company, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT). In a shocking incident, a snippet of Windows 10 source code leaked online. The data, which consisted of non-public installation image plans and software plans. Initially, the potential of leaked Windows 10 source code was measured as massive. Later, Microsoft confirmed that the leak is much smaller than what was analyzed and much of the data was already available. The windows 11 iso download source code was a part of the Shared Source Kit, which is generally available to partners, beta testers, and government agencies who intend to make their infrastructure and other tools compatible before launching any new OS. has now removed all Shared Source Kit related codes from the server. The company also claims that although Microsoft did not force them to remove the code, the decision is made on its own.

Windows 10 users

Microsoft, however, doesn’t seem too concerned about the incident. In addition, the company is also trying to minimize the entire incident as it is the second time in history that Microsoft has leaked source code from its operating systems. In February 2004, Microsoft had to deal with a similar situation when the Windows 2000 and Windows NT source code was reportedly leaked. Despite Microsoft’s claim, the leaked code in Windows 10 could cause serious consequences for Windows 10 users. The incident occurred at the time when computing has become part of people’s daily lives and The economy of most countries – developing and developing both – is based on digital data being produced on Windows 10 computers. Although the data is removed by Beta Archive, it is unclear who downloaded the kit by now.

Originally restricted to legitimate partners, Windows 10 source code is now found on hundreds of thousands of personal computers and can be used for various types of testing. Without a doubt, hackers will try to make the most of an understanding of architecture and code processes as much as possible, just to create the exploits of Windows 10. In the past, Microsoft aggressively hunted down hackers, which also includes scanning a blogger’s Hotmail account. Despite all these efforts, the leak ghost has been hunting Microsoft for a long time. Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 8 and now Windows 10, Microsoft has been trying to keep its new windows 12 iso download and windows 13 operating system away from all vulnerabilities. But, thanks to its beta tester program, the first copies of an operating system are made available to these testers, which could be the root of such leaks.